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  • Virtual Historians Podcast

    Virtual Historians Podcast

    Virtual Historians (VH) is a podcast that is the collaborative work of Terri O’Connell and David Allen Lambert. At VH you will find us discussing history, archaeology, technology and virtual reality. This week David and Terri talk with special guest, Michelle Taylor. Michelle is a triple threat: a genealogist, archaeologist and anthropologist. We enjoyed talking… Read more

  • Archaeologists in Quarantine

    Archaeologists in Quarantine

    Over the weekend, I was invited to speak on YouTube Live about genealogy with Natasha Billson, commercial archaeologist and TV presenter based in the United Kingdom. Special thanks to Natasha for inviting me to be apart of her Archaeologists In Quarantine series. Please like and subscribe to her YouTube channel (Behind the Trowel). Read more

  • Montpelier Digital Collections Project 

    Montpelier Digital Collections Project 

    The Montpelier Digital Collections Project is a collaborative effort to build an online, publicly accessible, collections management database that will integrate the many collections that are housed by The Montpelier Foundation. The project is a joint endeavor between The Montpelier Foundation and Michigan State University’s MATRIX, to build a tool that will enhance collaborative research… Read more

  • First Baptist Church’s Kentucky Historical Marker Ceremony

    First Baptist Church’s Kentucky Historical Marker Ceremony

    The First Baptist Church celebrated the unveiling of their official historical maker this past Sunday in Henderson, Kentucky. The church is the oldest African American church in the county seat dating back to the pre-Civil War era. The Kentucky Historical Society awarded the historical marker to commemorate the everlasting impact that the church has had… Read more

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