Michelle Taylor is a professional genealogist who incorporates archaeology and history into her genealogical research. Her research interests include public archaeology, mapping, cemetery preservation, and military history. She has worked on excavation sites throughout the state of Virginia including James Madison’s Montpelier in Orange County, Virginia. The material culture that has been unearthed through her archaeological research connects back to the enslaved community at Montpelier which included her own ancestors. She has been able to collaborate and engage with the staff and descendants on projects, exhibitions, and other public outreach initiatives. The exhibitions and workshops that she has worked on examines the lives of the enslaved men, women, and children who were enslaved by President James Madison. Nearly a decade ago, Michelle embarked on her first archaeological excavation at James Madison’s Montpelier while she was an undergraduate student. This experience heightened her interest in archaeology as well as genealogy. Since completing her undergraduate studies, she has focused her graduate research on uncovering the narratives and contributions of African Americans throughout history
Bachelor of Science, Anthropology. Virginia Commonwealth University. 2015
Minor: Latin American Studies
Bachelor of Arts, Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish. 2015

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