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Michelle Taylor is a professional genealogist based in Washington D.C.  who incorporates archaeology and history into her genealogical research. Michelle’s research interests include public archaeology, mapping, cemetery preservation, and military history. She has worked on excavation sites throughout the state of Virginia including James Madison’s Montpelier in Orange County, Virginia. The material culture that has been unearthed through her archaeological research connects back to the enslaved community at Montpelier which included her own ancestors.

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Genealogical Services include adoption research, African American genealogy, “brick wall” research, chromosome mapping, Civil War research, DNA testing, lineage societies, non-parental events (NPE) and locating biological parent, sibling, or relative.

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Reconnect with the Past

Pinpoint the birthplaces of your ancestors and identify historic sites and towns that connect to your familial past. Take the next steps to explore the genealogical, historical, and archaeological collections.

As a scholar, Michelle has worked on academic projects that have reached national and international audiences. 

Her hands-on research approach allows for her clients to explore their family history up-close and personal. Listen here to Michelle speak about returning to her ancestral birthplace to reconstruct the past through archaeology and historic preservation.

Media Appearances and Presentations

Podcasts and Virtual Presentations

Listen to Michelle discuss her contributions to reconstructing log cabins of the enslaved community at James Madison Montpelier on NPR’s All Thing Consider.

Source: NPR

“What is Genealogy?” with Michelle Taylor and Natasha Billson

Michelle discuss the parallels between genealogy and archaeology with U.K. based archaeologist, Natasha Billson.

Source: YouTube

20th Anniversary of The African American Civil War Museum

Cheryl Wills hosts the 20th Anniversary of the African American Civil War Museum.

Watch “Secrets of Montpelier” on CBS Evening News

CBS News National correspondent, Chip Reid interviews archaeologists and descendants of James Madison’s Montpelier including Michelle Taylor.

Source: CBS News

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Ms. Michelle Taylor changed my life! I was placed for adoption at birth. Once I became an adult, I began a quest in the attempt to find my biological parents. After conducting a 25 year individual search with limited adoption information; I had no success. Through a mutual acquaintance, I was advised to seek counsel from Ms. Taylor. I was scheduled with a consultation and Ms. Taylor agreed to take my case. In less than 3 weeks, my biological parents were found. After a 54 year absence from my birth family, today we are happily reunited. For anyone who has inquiries of family genealogy, I highly recommend Ms. Taylor. Her knowledge, expertise, communication and caring heart is second to none! Thank you Ms. Taylor.

Bernard K.

Atlanta, GA

I was as adopted by a family living in Australia at the age of 3. In my mid 40’s I decided to look for any biological family members and possibly my parents. As l had very little information and a frustrating sense that I was getting nowhere, I was fortunate enough to connect with Michelle Taylor. Who was not only able to find out who my father was but was also able to locate and put me in contact with my sister, who was living in the US. I will forever be grateful for her intervention and genealogical expertise. Which has now opened the door to a whole new family I may have never known existed. Thank you Michelle!

Lucien R.

Melbourne, Australia

After searching for my biological father for over three decades, I contacted Michelle. She was able through limited information from myself and located my biological father. Though deceased, Michelle was not only able to identify my father but she found photos of him from his childhood to adulthood. Michelle helped me find siblings and cousins that I never knew about. I finally feel complete and in a place of comfort. Michelle’s genealogical expertise left no stone unturned in her search! She is a gem and a genius in her field. Thank you so much, Michelle!

Carmen W.

Washington, D.C.

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